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Young ICT Explorers 2016 Project

Bleep is a web browser extension designed to soften abusive language on the internet. Bleep replaces abusive language before the user sees the page, making the internet a safer environment for everyone.

In Collaboration with
Jaxon Kneipp

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The simplest item counter.

You need an easier way of tracking the number of laps you do around that oval, or, the number of times you drink a glass of water.
Whatever you need to keep track of, keep it simple, with +1, the simplest item counter.

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Water Where

The water sourcing app.

Developed for FireFox OS
This App allows for people is developing countries to find clean water sources and provides helpful tips on how to purify and clean previously dirty water.

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In Collaboration with
Jaxon Kneipp

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My Driving Log

A simple, easy way of keeping all your driving logs in one place.

My Driving Log, a simple, easy way of keeping all your driving logs in one place. Keep all your records of practice in one place with this simple utility.
Easily set and edit driving logs. And check on your total driving time in the stats section.

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The app for theatre lighting technicians.

PreShow is a quick, easy utility for theatre lighting and sound technicians. PreShow allows easy organisation of and reference to infinite numbers of patch sheets created by the user.
Patch sheet items can be anything. Including lights, speakers, microphones and any other piece of patchable equipment.

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